Meet Paul Hobson

Editors Note: this is the second in a series of posts introducing NWTA Board of Director candidates for 2018-2019. Voting takes place at our January 30 member meeting.

Paul Hobson

Paul Hobson, an on- and off-road cyclist and cycling advocate for the past 15 years, cut his teeth in the bike world commuting to and from college in Atlanta, Georgia. After finishing his Masters degree in Civil Engineering, focusing on sediment transport and erosion, he relocated to Portland where he has worked to the past decade as a licensed civil engineer.

Since moving to Portland, mountain biking has become a true passion for Paul. He carries a foldable saw in the pack on trail roads in hopes he’ll be able to clear a few trees. On rainy weekends, he likes to comb through the Forest Service’s GIS data in search of semi-abandoned mountain bike-legal trails that could be cleared and reopened for all users.

Paul hopes to use both his passion and his technical knowledge to further NWTA’s mission of advocating and maintaining sustainable trails in one of the world’s most beautiful regions.