Optimists Define the Future

It’s been an interesting trek these few months. The view from here? Collaboration trumps criticism. Finding common ground bests finding fault. And embracing diversity — all riders, all trails — will take us to a new level.

Optimism is the engine that drives us forward.

There are new developments coming on in Hillsboro and Oregon City, Scappoose and Washougal. There’s a new level of collaboration beginning on Portland’s Off-Road Cycling Master Plan. Membership is growing. Volunteer engagement is up— we’ve already reached 40 percent of last year’s total trail work hours. We’re rebuilding relationships with industry and environmental partners big and small. REI has awarded us funding for the Williams Creek Trail project at Stub Stewart. We’ve endorsed funding for trail construction in the North Tualatin Mountains and six new bridges in the Tillamook State Forest. And we have the solid representation on Metro’s Gabbert Butte Master Plan that will open up riding opportunity there as well.

At a higher level, efforts are underway to form a state Office of Outdoor Recreation, potentially increasing funding for recreation projects — including trail systems — and streamlining passage through the public lands bureaucracy. And there’s growing support for a statewide trails association, to bring greater unity to our sometimes fragmented advocacy efforts.

We are surrounded by opportunities of all sizes.

Two are just around the corner: On May 20th, a new twist will get added to the multi-year labor of love that’s become the Stub Stewart mountain bike area, a one-of-a-kind in Oregon. Come help, and join the celebration afterward.

And over the June 3rd weekend, it’s camping (and working, of course) at Coldwater Lake. The lake is normally available for day use only, as it’s within the restricted zone of the Mt St Helens National Monument. We’ve been granted permission to sleep under the stars two nights— an opportunity that won’t come around often.

Success is an ongoing journey. If you haven’t already, open the door and jump in.