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Written by Ted Dodd ([email protected])


Trail Ninjas have been busy this fall dig season, accomplishing multiple projects. 

What is a Stub Stewart Trail Ninja?  

The program is for volunteers that work in small teams -or who work on solo missions (trail projects).  

For NWTA to work within our volunteer stewardship agreement at the Park, Local Stewardship Team Lead Ted Dodd (email [email protected]) is the main point of contact with the Park Rangers.

Role of the Stub Stewart Trail Ninja Coordinator:

  • Get pre-approval for all projects and work being done
  • Coordinate access to tools and materials 
  • Inform the Rangers about our activities and communicate where and when volunteers are working

Sign up to be a Stub Stewart Trail Ninja  


  • Rock Armoring of Williams Creek Trail has begun. Dump truck loads of rock and NWTA’s machines and equipment are now onsite. Joe Rykowski is leading this project. We are looking for additional volunteers to operate our motorized wheelbarrow (email if you are interested). During this project, the trail will be closed.
  • In the Freeride Area: Adding jump and drop features to Rinse & Repeat + continued improvements to lower Green Horn. This is an ongoing project, so be aware of trail changes. 

PROJECTS COMING SOON (pending approval)

Thank you to everyone who has been out helping at Stub this year and we appreciate your continued support!

Ted Dodd & Paul Marietta

NWTA’s Stub Stewart LST Leads

[email protected]