Tillamook State Forest Trail Update and Upcoming Work Party

Written by Nathan Frechen, Tillamook LST

Work completed Saturday, January 14th

 All downed trees on Step Creek & Gales Creek (between Reehers & Storey Burn junction) were removed. Total of 43 trees were cut out, and 12.5 miles of trail were cleared by six folks. Huge thanks to Brad, Pam, and Jay, who cleared 26 trees, including a cluster of four right at Step Creek junction. As well as Jason and Josh worked all day, then rode back up to Bell Camp under their own power from Storey Burn junction. It was a soggy one out there. 

Status of trails:
 – Historic Hiking Loop/south side of Rt 6/Browns Camp loop – lots of trees down, ODF is actively working on it this week. 

 – Gales Creek: 

        Some trees down between Summit TH and Gales Creek campground.

        A couple of rootwads between GC campground and Storey Burn junction. 

       Minor debris and a few older tread issues between SB junction, and Bell Camp.

        Bell Camp to Reehers is running good. 

 – Step Creek – logged out, minor debris remaining. 

 – Triple C – no idea

 – Wilson River trail – no trees (thanks to John for the scouting report) between Elk & Kings. No idea elsewhere. If anyone wants to do some scouting on the WRT for me this weekend, please let me know. 

REGISTER HERE for the next Tillamook State Forest work party THIS Saturday, January 28.