Written by Bob Lessard

Much has been said about Rocky Point in the last year, and a lot has happened with the trails to back it up. This year is going to be big. As you know, we commissioned C2 Recreation Consulting to put together a long-term trail development plan for Rocky Point. The plan found that it was feasible to expand the area to over 70 miles of trail (we have about 20 now) over three to five years of building. This year we are going to tackle 10 miles of trail. These are the main objectives:

  1. Reclaim some trails lost to logging (Switchblade and Butterknife).
  2. Expand outward from the parking lot. This means the area in the direction of Skyline Blvd on the Northside, and farther South from the existing South trail system (parallel to Skyline Blvd).
  3. Develop new downhill lines on both the North and South sides of Rocky Point road using the outward expansion trails.

The plan expands access about two miles South of the upper Southside gate along the upper ridge of the property so that downhill trails deeper in the Southside can achieve more than the current Skeet Chute + Switchblade vertical drop, and connect back to the existing trail system with additional XC trails. The South expansion will begin at the upper South gate. The immediate plan for the Northside is to build a DH line from above the upper gate down to RP United. This will be accessible in the short-term by climbing up Tres Amigos and Pipeline to the upper South gate and crossing the road to access the North DH trail. Additionally, an XC trail is being configured to reach into the newly harvest areas in the Southside of the property and access the mid-elevation trails that connect the newer trails with existing trails.

We are busy walking and flagging trails, recruiting trail building teams, and shopping for tools and heavy equipment. Please sign up for trail days, trail school, and crew leadership training.
Please email [email protected] if you have any questions.