We apologize

We want to apologize for a recent update about the on-going trail maintenance at LL Stub Stewart State Park. NWTA shared a brief and incomplete summary of the park’s history.  We overstated NWTA’s involvement and failed to include other key organizations whose involvement was instrumental in planning, flagging, and building the trails. We want to acknowledge the following for all their hard work in the park’s development: Westside Trail Federation, Portland United Mountain Pedalers (P.U.M.P.), Steve Kruger (currently with Trailkeepers of Oregon, formerly Trail Manger at Stub Stewart State Park), and countless individuals who volunteered their time and labor to make the park what it is today.

NWTA never intended to write these MTB community members out of the park’s history, and we are sorry that we did so.

NWTA leadership turns over rapidly, and history can be lost. We will apply more scrutiny to what we say and even what we think about the trails’ history that now seem like they have always been a part of our lives. 

We want to invite everybody to submit and share their stories of the work that made the trails in the Portland area what they are today.  You can use this Google Form to submit your stories. We will highlight our community histories in upcoming blog posts.